The Critter Man
13 Garden Place, Beacon, NY 12508
Phone: (845) 489-7370


Critter Man is a company built on pride. When it comes to animal pest control and wildlife removal solutions– homeowners, businesses and municipalities choose the professionals at Critter Man of New York to help protect their property. Our animal control staff is expertly trained in animal pest control and wildlife removal solutions for a very broad array of animals and insects. A select few of our technicians also have extensive training in the exclusion and removal of exotic animals also.

We offer free estimates for exclusions to prevent animals from entering the home.

At Critter Man, we are dedicated to protecting our environment in a humane manner. Every animal is let got into the wild back into a natural habit and all wounded or injured animals are taken to rehabs in most cases for the animal to recuperate back to a healthy state before being release back into the wild.